The question for the ontologist and the theist is not why the laws of physics operate, but why does the universe observe an order which the laws of physics attempt to describe.

Many theologians propose that God created the order. This argument harks back to the watchmaker analogy, the so-called “argument from design”, where any design implies a designer (this theory was championed by Isaac Newton, amongst other deistic scientists).

With regards to living things, Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory delivered a fatal blow to the watchmaker argument, when he demonstrated that complex structures in living things were the result of a gradual selective pressure towards ever more complex organs that improved the survival chances of species.

Although Creationists continue to dispute the persuasiveness of evolutionary theory, their objections are increasingly being rejected by many apologists themselves, who accept the evolutionary theory, but turn to a more nuanced watchmaker argument called ‘intelligent design’ theory. This theory credits a deity as being the first-mover in creating the process of evolution, and indeed the Universe itself.

If we accept the view of the ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides that something cannot come from nothing (and using the Law of Conservation, we can see why this should be the case), then we need to determine what form of matter or energy preceded the Big Bang, and what ‘order’ characterized this form. Was there a Creator as such, and if so, does an aspect of this First Mover still exist in some as yet discovered dimension or realm?

Some questions remain unanswered for now, as our measuring tools and theories await further refinement in order to gain a better conceptualisation of how the universe works.

One thing that we can reliably rule out, however, is that the Universe was created by a divine Being commensurate with the Judaic-Christian God found in Scripture. Just as the bible is deficient in terms of logic, there is little to be found regarding mathematical understanding, and the bible is grossly ignorant when it comes to the laws of physics. If God was familiar with such knowledge, then he certainly did not pass them on to his prophets and the authors of Scripture.